Why Hummus?


Chris Kirby, founder of Ithaca Cold-Crafted, recently shared his passion for hummus and why he does what he does with Medium — a platform for people to read, write and share stories that matter.

“In 2014 I started selling hummus at the Ithaca Farmers Market because I was passionate about making great food, but I was tired of working as a chef in a restaurant. I didn’t choose hummus because I’m middle eastern, or because I have some strange obsession with chickpeas. I chose hummus because I knew I could make a better product than what the people of Ithaca had access to at the time. And as it turns out, I was right.

For the first two years I was simultaneously starting to build Ithaca Hummus and going to school full time at Cornell. I spent all of my free time in a tiny summer camp kitchen, doing things like soaking chickpeas, cooking chickpeas, hand squeezing lemon juice, blending hummus, and scooping it into cups with an ice cream scoop to sell at the farmers market on the weekends. Sure, it would have been way easier for me to buy canned chickpeas or frozen lemon juice, but then it wouldn’t have tasted as good (and I probably wouldn’t be successful today).

Back then I got very little sleep and it was incredibly challenging. But what made it all worth it for me was the reaction I got from people when they tried my hummus for the first time. They would say things like, “this is the best hummus I’ve ever had,” or “I can never eat grocery store hummus again now that I’ve had this.” These reactions are what fueled my obsession to create the highest quality food possible when I was a chef, and they are what fueled me to keep going in the early days of Ithaca Hummus.”

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